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Sharon Matthams, Coldwell Banker Del Monte

Sharon Matthams

Coldwell Banker Del Monte
PO Box 1111 17 Mile Drive at Palmero,
Pebble Beach, CA 93953-1111

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About Sharon:

There are places in the world that are wonderful to visit. And
then there are places in the world that feel like home. The
first time my husband and I visited the Monterey Peninsula
in 1975 we knew we were home. When the stars finally
aligned in 1983, and we were expecting the birth of our
second son, we tapped our ruby slippers three times, told
ourselves there was no place like it and made it official. It was
the best move of our lives.

While raising our family, I helped Make the Going Great
as a Pan Am Flight attendant but after thirty years, it was
time to hang up my wings and start the next chapter with
both feet planted on solid ground.

After our sons Chason and Kean graduated from RLS
and moved away to attend university; Chason to NYU and
Kean to SMU, I realized that an empty nest really is as lonely
as it sounds. Being married to the brilliant - not to mention
iconic - local architect/designer, John Matthams, I naturally
segued into Real Estate. The privilege of watching my
husband bring a client’s visions and dreams to life nurtured
my own passion for beautiful, unique properties. I am
grateful every day for his influence and thankful for the team
of local experts he has helped make available to advise and
assist my clients.

A very wise woman once told me, “Always put your
family first and never take a job you don’t love.” Thanks,
mom! I really was listening.